the spring is here to awaken the elements; small jewellery, movements. big creatures and worlds.

What is a piece of jewellery, apart from its shape?

Heavy metals weigh down the sleeping ground. Metals in the shape of kernels and bark, but also things such as nutshells, leather, pearls and hair can be found on her body. The stuff of which birds build their nests.

She is sleeping now, but it won't be long until she blinks her eyes, sighs and wakes.

A lonely star shines in the night – a fire burns. Silver, teeth, wood, leather, coconut, bone; magic materials connect her, the fire, to the force inside of the earth. A copper bird scull flashes around her neck. She conducts the energy, tilts the earth in its orbit so that the sun reaches in and the snow can start to melt.

The wind makes its playful way over the ground and gives the migrant birds strenght under their wings. Other times it forcefully tears at the trees, makes the seas furiously beat at the cliffs. The wind carries the pollen and makes way for life; their back and chest are decorated with kernels and seends. On their head they carry horns of the playful deer. The whole body resonates with movement.

And the water melts and releases the earth, streams of melted snow purl through the forests and the rain gently hits the thirsty ground, rises up through the tree trunks and nourishes every single bransch, every single bud that wants to bloom. She ascends from the depths of the oceans and carries with her everyhing that has followed her from there: brittle seashells and coral fixed with silver on the white canvas dress, algae stick to the ropes. She summons, and drops fall from the sky.

They are here. We are here. Gathered: the spring comes quickly. The earth tenses, inhales, and turns over itself.

A huge thank you to all the models: AK, Alice Sot, Saara Rei och Tove. Thank you Emil Berg for working the camera, and thank you to Henry Kaboye och Carl Johan Rehbinder for the music!