inga tsernova

sustainable craft; ritualistic performance; living art.

In my work I follow principles of sustainability and circularity, and everything I do and make comes from the notion that we currently live in a world in climate crisis. I educate myself on where my tools and materials come from, what purpose they serve and how they can be recycled without damaging our earth further. How they can return to the circle. Knowledge of details is key here. I strive to create work that is temporary in either time or space, be it a unique performance or a piece that can be thrown into the forest and in time digested by the microbiota living there. This perspective applies to everything I do and I always aim to be transparent with my choices. I give an account for all my choices to the customer in all of my projects.

the Craftist

As a craftist, I place myself in the field between the conceptual artist and the traditional craftsman. Here, I am led by the materials. I pick up small rocks and shards of shells and look at the imprint they leave in the sand. I stich leather, one slow stich at a time. I spin the fibre and I make the spindle. I work with silver and carve horns, I woodwork, melt wax and make my own finish. I collect, reflect, notice and feel the different structures around me. Something always came before, and I am like a grain of sand in a landslide. Holy is that, which bears a history. The objects I make always relate to bodies, whether human bodies or the bodies of places, elemental bodies of water and winds.

the Artist

My concepts always aim to penetrate the core, to drive deep and split open. It's important to me to be critical, and it's equally important to be vulnerable. In my own projects, I'm not afraid to go towards the pain and the fear, but I'm also drawn to that which highlights existential stillness or poses existential questions. In work choreographed by others and in collaborations I also love to participate in similar themes; to be put to the test physically and mentally i order to open up to bigger questions really gives me pleasure as an artist.

Equally, I am a technical maker. My artistic basis is strict realism, and over time I have also moved towards the digital. To technically plan for and realize film- and photography projects is part of my making and the content needn't always to be my own. Especially during the corona pandemic I have filmed, cut and edited many artistic works, as the demand for digitalizing exhibitions has risen.

the Speaker

My mind is passionate and the passion emerges through words. With basic pedagogical experience and a love for open discussion I easily find myself in various teaching roles, and I love creating spaces both as a lecturer and as a technical instructor. Through my long experience of various art schools and my knowledge of different craft skills and techniques I hold a good foundation to host including discussions where the questions are always more important than the answers, and the perspectices are plural. In these rooms there is space both for academic notes, grandmother's wisdom, field knowledge and birdsong.

Here is my artistic resumé.

I am available for commisions: portraits and other paintings, unique objects and jewellery pieces, cooperations and art projects, as well as workshops in painting, craft and enviroment-ethical art. You can find contact info here.